Youth go out for an Activity Day

The Y.O.U Activity Day drew the interest of 65 young and budding youth who participated in the outdoor programme on Wednesday, 25 September 2013 at the Groovy Balls adventure centre in Cliffdale. The group was accompanied by 5 Ulama facilitators and several volunteers who met at Masjid Taqwa in Sea Cow Lake and departed by coach around 8.15 am. Prior to departure a brief talk was given on the importance of the youth and their duties.
The participants were divided into 3 groups. One group tackled the 120m Extreme Sports Groovy ball challenge, whilst the second geared up for 6 laps of go-karting and the last group applied their minds to team building activities. 
After Zuhr Salah, a short discourse was delivered on the importance of Shukr (gratitude) to Allah Ta’ala and the need to begin from being grateful and respectful to parents was emphasized. After lunch the group headed for a hike at Giba George in Hillcrest. 
The programme terminated at 3.30pm and the return to Masjid Taqwa was slightly delayed due to excessive traffic coming into Durban. Participants and parents expressed their appreciation for the initiative. 
We pray that Almighty Allah accepts the humble efforts and reward the sponsors, volunteers and all those instrumental in this program.  
Youth of the Ummah | Y.O.U | Darul Ihsan Youth Development Department


Virtue of Making Salaam First: Hadhrat Abdullah ibn Mas’ood (Radhiallahu Anhu) relates that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has said: “The one who makes salaam first is free from pride.” (Baihaqi – Shu’abul Imaan 6/433)