Young Arab inventors showcase life-saving ideas

Several new Arab inventors hope to receive backing soon for their ideas, which include hi-tech tools for the medical sector, after graduating from the i2 Institute course recently.

The i2 Institute, which stands for imagination and ingenuity, showcased the work of the inventors at a conference in Riyadh on Monday. The inventors had spent more than eight months at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.
Hayat Sindi, the i2 Institute founder and chief executive officer, said in a speech that the organization was started two years ago to help young entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers get support to commercialize their work.
Hosam Zowawi displayed “Rapid Superbug,” a diagnostic tool that can be used to identify antibiotic-resistant bacteria based on their genetic fingerprint. The tool could reduce the time to identify these bacteria and limit the unnecessary use of antibiotics in treatment around the world.
Moaz Bambi, another inventor, displayed “Soul Anatomy” that provides an in-depth visualization of the entire human body. The aim is to replace the use of cadavers in educational applications.
“With my invention, the instructor gets to fully control every part of the human body. All of his controls are simulated precisely by the device and shown on a screen to allow an audience to observe,” Bambi said.
The conference included various education, research, business and policy experts.
The graduates have shown extraordinary talent in their field, in addition to their communication skills in Arabic and English, Sindi said. She urged other inventors and entrepreneurs to apply for fellowships on the website soon.
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