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List of Frequently asked Question and Answers on RamadaanList of Frequently asked Question and Answers on Ramadaan

List of Frequently asked Question and Answers on Ramadaan

Q- I am suffering from a disease in which blood often comes out of my throat. When I fast, does this bleeding or vomiting render my fast or wudu invalid?

A- No, if the blood has come out of your throat and you have not swallowed it again, your fast is still valid. However, your wudu is no longer valid. You will have to perform it again, if you wish to perform prayer after it.

Q- Is the fast affected if a woman were to have an internal examination whilst fasting?

A- If a dry object is inserted then the fast will not break. However if moisture is inserted or if some dry object was inserted, taken out with some moisture and then reinserted then the fast will break.

Q- Would taking a vitamin/calcium injection nullify the fast?

A- All types of intravenous injections do not break the fast, irrespective of their ingredients. However injections given directly into the stomach (abdominal region) will break the fast.

Q- If someone gives blood for a test while fasting, would this break the fast?

A- Giving blood does not invalidate the fast.

Q- Are we allowed to use flavoured miswaaks in Ramadan as long as we don't swallow it?

A- The use of flavoured Miswaak is Makrooh, whether it is swallowed or not. If the flavour is swallowed the fast will be nullified.

Q- If one bites his or her nails whilst fasting, does it break it?

A- Biting the nails in itself does not break the fast, however swallowing them would break the fast.

Q- What is the ruling regarding the fasting of such a person who is terminally ill? There is no hope of his recovery. Does such a person have the same ruling as a very elderly person who cannot fast? Would payment of Fidya suffice him?

A- Such a person should discharge the Fidya.

Q- A person experienced a wet dream whilst in the condition of fasting. During Ghusl, at the time of gargling the mouth, he did not make water reach the extreme back portion of his mouth. Also when cleaning the nose, he did not cause the water to reach upto the end of the fleshy part of the nose. Is his Ghusl valid? Is the Salaah performed after this Ghusl valid?

A- Yes, his Ghusl is valid. The Salaah that he performed with this Ghusl is valid. A fasting person does not have to make the water reach the back portion of the mouth, nor does he have to make water reach upto the end of the fleshy part of the nose. Rinsing the mouth and the nose carefully without letting the water reach the throat or top portion of the nose is sufficient.

Q- During the condition of fasting, a woman experiences her menses. What should she do?

A- Her fast will become nullified. She does not have to refrain from eating and drinking anymore. However, considering the sanctity of the month of Ramadan, she should refrain from eating and drinking openly. If a woman becomes pure from her menses during a day of Ramadaan, then she should imitate a fasting person and not eat or drink for the remainder of that day.

Q- What is the status of Sehri in Ramadhan?
A- Sehri is a Sunnah practice. Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) is reported to have said, "Partake of Sehri, for verily there is barakah (blessings) in Sehri." (Bukhari and Muslim) However the fast is valid without Sehri.

Q- Can one use toothpaste or toothpowder whilst fasting?
A. It is reprehensible (makrooh) to do so. (Jawaahirul Fiqh)

Q- Does the use of an injection break the fast?
A. The fast is not nullified. (Fataawa Raheemiya vol. 2) However if the injection is injected directly into the stomach then the fast would break.

Q- Does the use of a drip break the fast?
A. No. (Fataawa Mahmoodiya).

Q- Can I have a blood test done whilst fasting?
A. Yes, you could do so provided that you do not become so weak that fasting becomes difficult.

Q- If rain water enters my mouth and I swallow it, is my fast broken?
A. Yes. (Fataawa Hindiyyah - vol. 1, pg 203; Fataawa Shaamiya vol. 2, pg. 403)

Q- Does a woman have to keep qadha of fasts missed due to menstruation?
A. Yes, Hadhrat A’isha (Radiallaahu Anha) reports from Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) that a menstruating woman will keep the qadha of missed fasts but there is no qadha for Salaah missed during menses. (I’laaus Sunan vol.1 pg. 372)

Q- Does vomiting break the fast?
A. The fast is only broken if one had vomited a mouthful involuntarily and swallowed it voluntarily or if one had voluntarily (induced) vomited a mouthful whether swallowed or not. (Fataawa Hindiyya - vol. 1, pg. 203/4). The definition of “mouthful (vomit)” is that which one cannot hold back in one’s mouth without difficulty.

Q- I need to insert medication into my eye on a daily basis. What is the status of my fast?
A. The fast is not affected by inserting medication into one's eye, whether the medicine is liquid or non-liquid. (Fataawa Hindiyya, vol. 1, pg. 203)

Q- Is swimming permissible whilst fasting?
A. It is not advisable to swim whilst fasting. If water is swallowed by mistake or enters through the nose and reaches the brain then the fast will break and a qadha will have to be kept. (Tahtaawi Alaa Maraaqil Falaah, pg. 672)

Q- Does masturbating break the fast?
A. One is not allowed to masturbate, whether fasting or not. However if one does this vile act whilst fasting then the fast will break and a qadha will have to be kept. (Shaami vol. 2, pg 399)
NB: There is no kaffaarah (keeping 60 consecutive fasts). One should make sincere and abundant taubah for this debase act.

Q- Can one use a tampon whilst fasting?
A. A menstruating woman cannot fast even if she uses a tampon. However if a woman uses a tampon for bleeding or discharges other than the above then the answer is as mentioned.

In Ad-Durrul Mukhtar and Tahtaawi alaa Maraaqil Falaah, the authors have mentioned that if cotton is inserted in the female private part, the fast will be nullified if the cotton is totally out of sight. If a piece of cotton remains slightly out, even if it be in the Farj-e-Khaarij (outer vagina) the fast will be intact. We therefore conclude that the fast will not break in the case where the tampon is not totally inserted but could be seen from outside.

Note well:  
1. It is not permissible, whether fasting or not to totally insert a tampon into the inner private part.

Q- If I have a wet dream at night, or whilst fasting is my fast still valid?
A. Yes, the fast is still valid. (Shaami)

Q- Is it permissible for a husband and wife to kiss whilst fasting?
A. It is permissible, provided that:
i. One does not swallow the saliva of his/her partner;
ii. One has control over his/her desire and is not driven by desire to sexual intercourse or ejaculation. (Fataawa Hindiyya)

If the saliva of the spouse is swallowed then not only is Qadha to be made but also kaffaarah (i.e. fasting consecutively for 60 days).

Q- Is a fasting woman allowed to breastfeed her baby?
A. Yes, this is permissible.

Q- Can I visit my gynaecologist or have a pap-smear during Ramadhan?
A. The fast would be nullified if medication is inserted into the private part. It would therefore be advisable to delay the appointment until after Ramadhan. (Fataawa Hindiyya - vol. 1, pg 204)

Q- I am a diabetic and not in a position to keep fast. How do I compensate for the missed fasts?
A. Allah Ta'ala has granted permission to people like yourself to compensate the fast with contributions for poor Muslims. The Jurists have equated this amount to that of Sadaqatul Fitr (money given on Eid day to the poor). The current (Ramadhan 1427 price in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa is R9.00 or more for each fast. It could be paid at the beginning of Ramadhan or at the end (Shaami). This money may not be discharged before Ramadhan.

Q- What is the condition of one’s fast if one applies oil to the head whilst fasting?
A. Yes it is permissible to do so. (Fataawa Raheemiya)

Q- I am writing exams during Ramadhan and find it difficult to concentrate whilst hungry. Can I delay my fast until after Ramadhan?
A. It is not permissible to do so. Keep your fast and pray to Allah Ta'ala to make it easy for you. (Fataawa Raheemiya Vol. 2. pg 34)

Q- Does the usage of the pump break my fast?
A. It is advisable that you use your pump at Sehri Time and Iftaar time. However, if you do have an attack then you could use your pump. This will break your fast and a qadha will have to be kept.

Q- Is it permissible to take the medication like the pill (contraceptive) throughout the month of Ramadhan to avoid getting one's period in order to keep all 30 fast  as it is very difficult to keep the missed fast.

A. Though it is permissible it is not best to do so. It could have side effects like tampering with one's cycle, etc. which leads to difficulties and problems in the future for Salaah, Umrah/Hajj etc. This is besides other long term medical harms.

Q- I would like to obtain some clarity on women that miss fast in the month of Ramadhan due to being pregnant or are breastfeeding. Are they required to fast after Ramadhan the missed fasts or can they just pay the kaffaarah?

A. A person who has no hope of ever fasting like the very old, chronically terminally ill, pay fidyah for missed fasts. Others who may have been excused for not keeping the fasts will have to make Qadha (make up the missed fasts) when they are in the position to do so. It is however advisable to make a bequest that if these Qadhas are not made, then fidyah should be given on his / her behalf.

Q- Will my fast break if my nose bleeds?

A. No, the fast is not broken by mere nosebleed. However if blood flows down the throat it will break if one tastes the blood in the throat or blood swallowed is more or equal to the saliva swallowed with it. If less than the saliva then the fast is still intact.

Q- Is it compulsory on an expectant mother or a nursing mother to fast? Are they required to fast after Ramadhan if she has the missed fasts or can she just pay the kaffaarah?

A. If she cannot manage the fast and on the advice of a pious experienced Muslim physician/doctor, fasting is detrimental to her health or that of her child then fasting will not be compulsory on her. However if she can manage all or some of the fasts then it is compulsory for her to keep that which she can manage. She will have make Qadha for the missed fasts after Ramadhan when she is able to keep these fasts. It is however advisable to make a bequest that if these Qadhas are not made in her lifetime, then fidyah should be given on her behalf.

Q- Can one take bath after Sehri, to be cleared from the state of Janaabat (requiring a Fardh Ghusal)?

A. It is not advisable to unnecessarily delay the Fardh Ghusal. However if one is the position that he wants to partake of Sehri before taking the Ghusal then it is permissible. However, one should preferably take wudhu before Sehri or at least wash the hands and gargle the mouth.

Q- If a female starts menstruating whilst fasting in Ramadhan, can she eat (discreetly) when she is in seclusion? Similarly can she do so when she stops menstruating during the day? What if in both cases she kept the entire fast for that day. Will her fast be valid as she has completed some part of the fast as a pure/paak person?

A. If her menses has commenced whilst fasting then she may eat discreetly (out of people’s sight). However if her menses had terminated during the day, then she should abstain from eating and drinking etc. both in private and public and act as a fasting person. In both cases her fast will be invalid as menstruating women cannot fast. She will have to make Qadha for these days as well after Ramadhan.

Q- Does smoking invalidate one’s fast?
A: Yes, it does invalidate one’s fast.

Q- Is it permissible for a female to insert medicine through her private part whilst fast?
A: Any form of medicine inserted into the internal part of a woman’s private will invalidate her fast.

Q- It is permissible to use suppositories whilst fasting?

A. Inserting medication etc. from the back private part/passage invalidates the fast?

Q- In what way is a Kaffaarah fulfilled?
A: A Kaffaarah may be given in the following two ways:

1) Fasting for two months consecutively without missing a single fast,

2) Feeding sixty poor people.

It should be remembered that if one has the ability to fast then one cannot adopt the second method; rather, one will have to fast for sixty days continuously.

Q- If one is fasting and sprays perfume on oneself and accidentally inhales some of the perfume, will it break the fast? Will Qadha have to be made?

A. One’s fast does not break by wearing, feeling or smelling fragrance. As such, it is permitted to apply perfume (itr), deodorant, or sprays whilst in the state of fasting. However, if one was to intentionally inhale something that has a perceptible body, such as smoke (like the smoke of lobaan, aghar batti, Oudh etc.), then one’s fast would become invalid.

Q- Can we brush our teeth during fasting i.e. before we leave for Office (Usually between morning 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM?

A- One should not brush ones teeth using toothpaste whilst fasting. One could use a normal Miswaak to clense the teeth. Using a flavoured Miswaak should be avoided.

Q- Is it Ok to use Nasal Spray while fasting?

A- Using a nasal spray whilst fasting will invalidate the fast.

Q- How many kilograms of rice should be given as Fidya in the case of non-fasting per day?

A- The person who is extremely old and does not have the strength of fasting, as well the person who is extremely ill and does not have any hope of recovering nor the strength to fast will have to give grain to a poor person equivalent to the amount stipulated for Sadaqatul Fitr in place of every fast that such people miss. Alternatively, they could feed one poor person with two complete meals for each fast that they miss. In the Shariah this is known as Fidyah. It is also permissible for such persons to give the value of the grain in cash. The cash equivalent of this grain is currently approximately R15.00. This is approximately the value of 2 kg of wheat.

Q- Does internal checkups and vaginal ultrasound done by gynaecologist during pregnancy invalidate the fast?

A- Inserting a moist finger or moist object into the vagina will invalidate the fast.

Q- Does the fast break when you use a wet Miswaak, & brush your gums, the water then separates from the Miswaak & little slides down your throat?

A- Using a wet Miswaak does not invalidate the fast. Similarly, if some bristles of the Miswaak are swallowed the fast will not break. However, care should be taken not to allow water to go down the throat as this would break the fast.

Q- I would like to know if 'morning sickness' renders the fast 'broken'.

A- If one vomits unintentionally, this would not break the fast irrespective of whether one vomits a mouth full or not.

Q- Is it permissible for me to donate blood while fasting?

A- Although donating blood whilst fasting will not break the fast, it is undesirable if it will cause weakness. However, in cases of emergencies, one is permitted to donate blood.

Q- Does using eye drops while fasting break the fast?

A- Using eye drops whilst fasting does not invalidate the fast.

Q- How can we compensate for the fasts and Salah we missed many years ago?

A- Qadha should be made for the fasts and Salahs missed over the years. If the fast was broken, in other one began the fast, but broke it during the day without a valid reason, then this would necessitate fulfilling the Kaffaara as well.

Q- I am an asthma patient. Is it permissible for me to use the inhaler during fasting?

A- Using the inhaler invalidates the fast. If you are unable to fast due to the sickness, you will be excused from fasting. However, you will have to discharge the Fidya.

Q- Is it permissible for husband and wife to hug and kiss while observing fast?

A- Husband and wife hugging each other will not invalidate the fast. However, if there is a possibility that this would lead to the couple being unable to restrain themselves from sexual intercourse then this must be avoided during fasting.

 Q- Is it permissible for a person performing Sunnah I'tikaaf to leave the musjid for the purpose of shaving his head, or for the purpose of a Mustahab Ghusl?

A- No. If a person leaves the musjid for this reason, then his Sunnah I'tikaaf will become invalid. If a person is in dire need of shaving his head, then he may do so in the musjid by spreading a cloth so that no hair falls into the Musjid.

Q- The Sunnah I'tikaaf of a person breaks for some reason or the other. Is it necessary for him to make Qadha? If Qadha is waajib, then how many days of Qadha are waajib?

A- The Sunnah I'tikaaf performed in the last ten days of Ramadaan has a condition of fasting. Without fasting this I'tikaaf is not valid. If for some reason, this I'tikaaf breaks, then only Qadha for one day should be made i.e. the day on which the I'tikaaf broke.

Darul Ihsan Fatwa Dept.



Virtue of Making Salaam First: Hadhrat Abdullah ibn Mas’ood (Radhiallahu Anhu) relates that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has said: “The one who makes salaam first is free from pride.” (Baihaqi – Shu’abul Imaan 6/433)