Study: UK Muslim youth feel demonized

  • Many young British Muslims feel they have been demonized and under attack by the UK police and media ever since the September 11 events and 2005 London bombings, a study shows.

  • The study, carried out by an Islamic Think Tank called the Policy Research Center, reported on Monday that since the September 11 attacks and 2005 London bombings, Muslims in Britain have been under pressure to prove they can be both British and Muslim at the same time.

  • Moreover, they believe that Britain's role in Iraq and Afghanistan has only increased the pressure.

  • The report also revealed young Muslims feel they are under attack by the media, saying that it portrays them as a threat to society. "This is especially damaging when myths and stereotypes surmount accurate information, resulting in young British Muslims being portrayed as a threat to the wellbeing of the wider British communities," it said.

  • The think tank added that many young British Muslims not only say they do not trust the police, but feel harassed by them, as well.

  • This comes as the report cited a dramatic rise in Muslims being stopped and searched in the street after the July 2005 bombings, which killed 52 people in London.


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