Matrimonial rows linked to TV soaps

An Arab News article reports that the Usra (family society) in Buraidah, Saudi Arabia has initiated a new method of ending rifts between married couples. It invites them to spend a night at its own expense in a big hotel in the city to discuss their problems in a serene and peaceful ambiance.

"The society was worried by the growing number of family differences which have reached frightening levels.”

Marriage problems are reaching alarming levels not only in Saudi Arabia but across the globe. Most Muslim societies are facing serious challenges and marital discord unheard of before.

Experts say that whilst there are a vast array of reasons that are leading to domestic discord including socio economic, cultural and fidelity issues, the large majority of problems marriage problems were caused by the lack of correct training of spouses and the viewing of TV soap operas. Exposure to these TV programs project marriage to be trouble free with the couples always loving, embracing and behaving intimately.

The harms of viewing TV in general have been thoroughly exposed, its impact on society and learning abilities on children are now well founded. Television viewing especially of soaps and promiscuous programs breed an emotionally sick community bereft of morals, values and modesty.

Viewing of promiscuity repeats the lessons of disrespect, infidelity, enhances sexual intolerance and addicts one to fulfilling desires in an undesirable manner. Many experts also view the high rate of pornographic viewing to be linked to watching movies and programs that promote excessive sexual and promiscuous behavior.

Television soaps gradually erode the modesty, shame and faith of believer. Filled with immodesty and indecency the message of these soaps penetrates the minds of young Muslim women and entices them to behave accordingly.

Parents are urged to be watchful over their young ones and ensure that they do not fall victim to these dangers.

We pray to Allah to give one and all the ability to derive lessons and take measures to protect ourselves and our children.

Darul Ihsan Social Department


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